Meet our Team!

Having never been in the restaurant industry, Amanda Stoner is the newest. She has embraced her career as a chef with passion. Her deep appreciation for cuisine started at a young age when she found she could create meals that were both healthy and tasted good. Her favorite meal is one she can create for someone else. Growing up in the Bay Area, Amanda was exposed to a variety of foods that would fuel her life long passion for cooking. “The day you stop learning is the day you’re done”. ‘Never stop learning’ is what she lives by these days.

After completing a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) San Francisco in 2015, she moved to Oakhurst, joining the YWAM base there. She ran their kitchen department for two years. After a brief stint at YWAM base in Mendocino, CA, completing two other schools and (of course) working in the kitchen, she moved back to Oakhurst, working at Camp Oakhurst’s kitchen. As fate would have it, she was introduced to the REV’s family and can’t wait to see

where it will take her.

Chef Rob Ringler has been preparing the Valley’s finest dishes for the past 30+ years.

“I have always loved cooking and was initially inspired at age 3 when my Grandpa "Lulie” would let me break my own eggs in the pan”. After Serving in the Air Force in Japan, Chef Rob began his culinary career cooking fine dining in Fresno Ca. In 2002 Rob became nationally certified as an American Culinary Federation “Certified Chef de Cuisine”, the result of years of dedication to the culinary arts. Rob also enjoyed teaching as a Culinary Instructor at the Institute of Technology in Clovis Ca. Teaching advanced culinary skills, nutrition, and international cuisine. In 2007 Rob relocated to the mountain community as an Executive Chef Cooking in Bass Lake where he met his true love Denise and they were married at the Lakeside. Loving the mountain life and his beautiful surroundings, Rob continues to pour his heartfelt talents into creating amazing flavorful dishes for locals and visitors alike here at REV's Farmhouse.